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Program for the Academically Talented (PAT)

Services for Highly Capable Students - Elementary School
For information contact Randy Stocker, Carnation Elementary Principal | Phone: 425-844-4553 or Kathy McRae, PAT Program Assistant, Phone: 425-844-4529.

Table of Contents

  1. Description of Services
  2. Cluster Classes
  3. Full Day Class
  4. Regular Classes
  5. Teacher Support Services
  6. Beyond Elementary School
  7. How are students identified for PAT?
  8. The Identification Process
  9. PAT Timeline
  10. Application Packet and Information - 2012-2013

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PAT Elementary Description of Services

The Elementary Program for the Academically Talented begins at second grade. Children are selected for this program based on academic and cognitive test scores and on teacher and parent ratings. Children may be referred by either their teacher or parent. The program uses an option based service model. Once accepted into the program children continue to be enrolled until the end of fifth grade. The parent of a qualified child may yearly apply for the option that best meets his/her child's needs. Each program provides an Individualized PAT Student Learning Plan for qualified students. The following options are included within this model.

Cluster Classrooms

PAT students attend a full day, every day class. These classes are currently based at Carnation Elementary. The full day class provides curriculum acceleration, opportunities to study concepts in greater depth and cognitive interaction for second through fifth grade PAT students. Critical thinking skills, the arts and technology are infused across the curriculum. Students are part of the Carnation Elementary community; they are included in assemblies, recesses, school projects, services by various specialists and grade level field trips. Students are selected for these classes based on a PAT matrix ranking with the highest students being selected. A second-third multi-age class and a fourth-fifth multi-age class are provided. Once selected for this class, students continue from year to year, unless parents and/or staff determine the class is no longer appropriate for the child. This is a highly accelerated and challenging class with a fun child-centered focus. Students selected for and enrolling in this option are guaranteed PAT services.

Full Day Class

Within the cluster class option PAT students are clustered within one or two classrooms per grade level at each school site. The classroom teacher determines and provides daily curriculum and instruction. The clustering of PAT students provides them with some cognitive peer interaction and allows the teacher to group them as appropriate. PAT cluster teachers receive a small grant that they may use for training, materials, substitutes to allow them to spend more time with PAT students, and/or curriculum planning for their PAT students. Parents tend to choose this model so that their children can stay at their home school. This is a teacher driven program and each individual teacher determines the program within his/her class in accordance with the PAT framework. This can vary from year to year. Cluster class availability depends on a sufficient number of PAT students at the grade level (2 or more) and may or may not be available at your school/grade level.

Regular Classroom

PAT students are enrolled in the regular classroom following the normal school procedures. The regular classroom teacher provides a program of instruction within his/her normal classroom mode and is responsible for meeting the needs of the children within the class. No direct PAT support is provided, however an individualized PAT Plan is followed by the classroom teacher.

Teacher Support Services

Beyond Elementary School

Services for highly capable students are also provided at the middle school and the high school.
At the end of fifth grade every student in the district is considered for inclusion in accelerated math classes and for inclusion in the Tolt Honors/Advanced Placement Options within the regular Language Arts classes. The testing is done through the standard district tests in fourth and fifth grade. Students are not automatically continued in PAT from the elementary, they must re-qualify. Tolt offers Honors Language Arts and Advance Placement in Math for 6th through 8th graders.
At the high school level students may take honors classes and/or receive college credit for their work through advanced placement courses at Cedarcrest and/or Running Start classes at a community college.

How are students identified for PAT?

Parents, teachers and community members refer students for the RSD Elementary PAT Program, using the PAT Referral Packet. The following criteria are used to determine whether or not a student qualifies for PAT placement:

>Scores from an intelligence or cognitive abilities test (at least one cognitive score at the 90%ile or higher) and
>Scores from a standardized achievement test (at lease one achievement area score at the 96%ile or higher)
> Information from a Parent Questionnaire
>Information from a Teacher Questionnaire
>Team recommendation from PAT Selection Committee

The assessment tools help to determine whether or not the grade level curriculum can adequately challenge the students. Students whose scores are in the exceptional range in either Reading Comprehension or Math are considered for placement in PAT program options designed to provide a more rigorous level of challenge in the student's specific area of expertise.

The Identification Process

The identification process begins with referrals in late November and December each year. The first round of achievement testing (CAT) takes place in January and the second round of cognitive testing (CogAT), by invitation only for those who qualified (at the 90%ile or higher on at least one area of the CAT), in early February. PAT Placement Teams will then meet in February/March and make recommendations/selections for the program. Parents are then notified in March and those qualifying are invited to a classroom visit in April for the Full Day Program. Acceptance letters must be received in the PAT office by mid-May.
Students are selected for placement for the following year. The referral process and test dates are publicized in the local papers and school newsletters. Parents are notified of placement decisions results typically by the end of March of each year.

Why We Test
PAT testing is used to identify students, who have an accelerated learning rate or complex thinking style, so we can maximize their learning experiences by providing appropriate challenge.
Highly capable students need to be able to:

>move through the curriculum at a faster pace
>apply research and project development skills
>interact with their cognitive peers daily
>explore issues, themes, and ideas that connect various subjects

PAT Timeline

November 6, 2012 7:00 PM in CE LRC
Required PAT Parent Information Night, PAT Elementary Referral Forms available at this meeting.

November 6 - December 7, 2012
PAT Elementary Referral Forms available from school secretaries.

November 16 - 21 Parent Teacher Conferences
Give the Teacher Input Form to your student's current teacher. When completed, the teacher will return it to the PAT office. The teacher's deadline is December 6, 2012

December 7, 2012 deadline for receipt of applications
Applications may be FAXED or mailed to the PAT Office at Carnation Elementary. You will receive a reminder flyer of the testing date and time.

January 12, 2013
CAT Tests at Carnation Elementary School 9:00 - 12:00.

January 29, 2013
Letters will be sent out informing you whether or not your child scored in the 90%ile or above and will advance to the CogAT tests or not on Feb.9th.

February 9, 2013
CogAT test at Carnation Elem. School 9:00 - 12:00 only to applicants who have qualified on the CAT test.

End of March, 2013
Parents will have received a letter with CAT and CogAT scores. This letter will let you know if your child has qualified for the PAT Program or not and what their classroom type will be.

April, 2013
PAT Full Day Classroom visitation for qualifying students. Invitations will be mailed.

May 14, 2013
Signed acceptance of your child's placement must be received in the PAT office to ensure your child's placement in the PAT classroom type offered.

(1) Space availability in the program
(2) Receipt of the completed Parent Application by December 7, 2012
(3) Receipt of the completed Teacher Input Form by December 7, 2012
(4)CAT and CogAT qualifying scores, as indicated in the cover letter of the application packet.

Application Packet and Information - 2012-2013